Sound of Life (Paperback)

Sound of Life

Improving your awareness

Author: Laurens Vehmeijer | Language: English |



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Game-changing book

Improve your awareness

English | Paperback | 978909036516 | 1 May 2023 | 268 pagina's

<span style="color:#2A2F55">Laurens Vehmeijer
Laurens Vehmeijer
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Many people describe Laurens Vehmeijer as a powerful executive coach and spiritual facilitator. Laurens himself, however, reflects a completely open-ended notion of what his social occupation might be.

During his life Laurens has practiced the roles of an entrepreneur, mentor, manager, mountaineer, lawyer, author, boardroom advisor, recruiter, pianist, sculptor, teacher, father, philosopher, and psychologist.

Above all, he is an experienced life traveler and a loving companion to the fellow travelers he meets. He lives with his wife alternately in Spain, The Netherlands, and Northern Thailand.

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What’s the most important thing in your life? Imagine that you are at the end of your life, and wondering, if you are happy with what you have done so far, what are your thoughts on this?

These are the kinds of probing questions you can expect when you’re talking about the meaning of your life. This book is about how to discover, and activate the truth of yourself, and live the unconditioned version of who you are. It’s also about a shift from a working-only lifestyle to a genuine self-improvement lifestyle. Life is more than just doing business with your competencies.

You don’t have to work to survive or prove yourself. That’s why you promote non-conformity and self-advancement. The world wants to express itself with a realistic, rich, and warm sound. In your world, this is about mindset, right?

So, Neo, New Man, what will it be? Is it the red, or the blue pill you take in that matrix of your mind? Do you choose to live, or do you choose to survive? This book is an open and liberating dialogue encompassing these two options.

Freedom means a lot to you. Your freedom appears to be even more important than happiness. That’s because your lifestyle is all about consciously finding your own unique sound in life, and rightly so. The dialogue here in this book is about how to do that. It is a must-read for anyone actively involved in taking life to the next level.

Includes FREE ACCESS to test your SELF-KNOWLEDGE!

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  1. Djurgen Martis
    What a great book, I highly recommend it to anyone who want to discover more about their own destiny and how to grow into a better version of yourself. A legible font for reading and re-reading the book. This book is highly accessible masterpiece.
  2. Sharada Korf
    I love this book!
    I simply love this book!
  3. Maria Geerlings
    Written with love and wisdom
    Sound of Life is written with love and wisdom, and lets you be part of an impressive dialogue. The more often I read it, the more I recognize. It has a deep and extremely high frequency. What a beautiful book.
  4. Mantak Chia
    You did it again
    Dear friend, what a great book. You did it again. Everybody who wants to do good practice has to read this book. Energy and frequency are a very interesting subject and you explained it so well. I am happy you shared the ancient wisdom with the world, like I did all my life.

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